My Mission
A Survivor is defined as a person who copes well with difficulties in their life. This extraordinary woman is more than that; she has been able to exceed the epitomes of where a person who has been in her shoes should be. Read more
The SCAR Foundation
The mission of SCAR is to establish a commitment to excellence in helping women of every cultural, economical and social background. We are dedicated to helping women who have been abused, women faced ... Read more
Lose 5lbs in 5 Days
Did you know that over 78% of your immune system is in your intestines? I discovered a revolutionary tea that when you drink it after breakfast, lunch and dinner it allows you to detoxify your body at a safer level therefore people are losing a pound a day! Read more
Wonderful items hand selected by Antonina. Available for purchase, Books, Tee Shirts and more. Keep close to this page for updates. Read more